The Role of Writing In Building

The preceding books and sections have focused on the technical skills required for building. Technical skills are not the only skills needed for high quality building. Just as important is attention to aesthetic details and good writing skills. Every thing, zombie, puppet, player, room, and action/exit are composed of numerous pieces of text. These pieces of text can be as small as a success message or as large and complex as an intricately detailed description of a player.

Using misspelled words and poorly thought out grammar is the most damaging thing you can do to your descriptive text or messages. Misspellings and bad grammar will prevent the reader from understanding what your text is supposed to say. Many readers will stop bothering to read the descriptions or messages if there are too many grammatical errors or misspellings. The mistakes lead the reader to believe that the writer doesn't deem the text important...and if the text isn't important to you, why should it be important to them?

The text is very important. This is a text based game, after all. So when you're planning your project, whether its a beautiful outdoor garden, a house you live in, consider the scope of your project. Don't plan a huge design that involves so many rooms that you can't provide decently detailed descriptions to each room. It is easy to spin out a one-hundred room mansion, a vast collection of 'things' with very basic descriptions, and none of the other supporting text messages. However, high-quality building includes detailed descriptions and messages that together create an illusion for the reader of actually being there.

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